Snikies! is pleased to introduce Game ON!


Game ON is your single portal to all of your gaming groups!

Providing a way to interact with all of your guild or clan mates through one central app brings enormous power to you as a gamer. Now gaming mates can stay in touch even out of game, as well as interact in other fun ways such as turn based games within the app. Have a reason that you can't be in-game for a while? Not a problem, as Game ON will keep you in touch with others, eliminating the problems of wondering if players have simply gone MIA.


Bringing multiple groups together

The ability to create or join any gaming groups that you're a part of, allows you to have easy communication and staying up to date with other players. Easily see what might be going on with any of the groups you play with, and see any events posted so you know when the best times to play are. Having this functionality will allow you to coordinate gaming time between however many groups you'd like!

Not in a guild or clan? We've still got you covered!

Within the Game ON app you'll also find functionality such as LFG (Looking For Group), Achievement help, Easter Eggs information and more. While the true power of Game ON ties into guild or clan groups, it's not a requirement at all. We've still added a great amount of goodies for the solo players!