Shout Out from Northeast USA!


Where is Snikies! located?

We're right smack-dab in central PA, where the weather patterns are different each and every year yet prove themselves to rust anything metal over night! All kidding aside, we're in a small rural area which is surrounded by a lot of beautiful Pensylvania scenery. Areas where businesses are mostly small and local, but the online community and interaction is striving strong!


About the Dev

I come from a background of electronics engineering, in actuality. I always hate to age myself, but when I went to college for electronics engineering, we didn't commonly have Internet access, let alone blazing speeds. Cellular phones didn't exist yet, and the personal computer was only first coming into the arena for home users with the IBM PC. Oh those were the days, indeed. Electronics work died off when consumer electronics pricing dropped through the floor, so I shifted my focus to computer service then programming not too long after when I found myself in awe of the Kings Quest series released by Sierra. I've enjoyed development so much that the rest is history, really.

Mostly working with C#, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, and of course ASP.NET, I'm in rather a middle ground. Somewhere between modern and dated languages both. Always looking to work with new technologies because the more tools you have the more efficiently you can code. Sometimes however, you really need to stick with what's proven, does the job well, and you know like the back of your hand. I may introduce some new languages or topics when time permits, but for now we're working hard to get the site fully back up and running after going through a major move.