Privacy Policy

At Snikies, protecting your privacy is a number one priority. This statement applies to, herein referred to as Snikies, and governs data collection and usage. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted, all references to Snikies Include the website. The Snikies web site reference includes content physically located and managed at, and any content physically located and managed within a sub-domain of

Collection of Personal Information

Snikies collects certain personal information upon registering as a user of the web site. The information collected during the registration process is solely used for the purpose of identifying you as an authorized user of the web site upon logging in, to identify you within email communications regarding your membership, management of credentials, and activation of your account. Snikies does not distribute, sell, lease, trade, or otherwise make available any of your information to any source, for any reason.


Snikies utilizes “cookies” which are small text based files which may contain usable information for your web browser functionality. The information that Snikies maintains within cookies contains only the bare minimum required information to validate you as a registered user, if you choose for your logged in status to be remembered upon future visits to the web site. It does not contain any personal information at all, and does not collect any further information.

Geographic and Trend Information

Throughout the viewing or usage of the Snikies web site, basic location information is utilized through Google Analytic services, so that we may understand the current usage cycles of the Snikies web site and locations in which users view the web site from. This information is monitored through Google services so that we may improve the end user experience over time. No geographic or trend information is collected and stored on media by Snikies for any purposes.

Other Information Collected

Information about your hardware and/or software configuration, which may include your IP number, web browser application and version, and access times, may be collected and utilized for improving your experience of the Snikies web site. It is used to assist in the operation of the web site, to assist in maintaining the service, and to provide statistical usage data in regards to the usage of the web site.

3rd Party Privacy

The Snikies web site may at times display text, images, links, or any combination of text, images, and links, from sources not governed or managed directly by Snikies. Snikies is not responsible in any way for the content displayed by these 3rd party sources. Snikies is not responsible for any data collection or changes in software behavior, resulting in the displaying of, or clicking on, any content from these 3rd party sources. It is highly encouraged for you, the user, to read all privacy policies from other 3rd party sources before any actions are taken upon any content displayed.

Security of Information

Snikies secures all information that is acquired from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Member information is full encrypted as a secondary measure for your security.

Children Under Thirteen

Snikies does not permit, nor encourage any usage of the Snikies web site by anybody under the age of 13 without full consent from a parent or legal guardian. Furthermore, the Snikies web site may occasionally include content that is not suitable for children under the age of 18. As such, by continuing to view or interact with the Snikies web site in any way, you are agreeing by law that you are over the age of 18.

Future Changes to Information Collection and This Document

Snikies reserves and maintains the right at any time to extend or modify in any way, the information collected and/or the utilization of collected information for the purposes of improving user experience. If at any time there is a change to what information is collected and/or how the collected information is utilized, this statement will be updated and/or amended to reflect the relevant changes.

End User Agreement to Information Collection and Usage

By continuing to view and/or interact with the Snikies web site in any way, you are agreeing by law that you agree to the terms contained within this document. If you do not agree with the information collection and/or usage practices by Snikies, you are directed to terminate the viewing and/or interaction with the Snikies web site completely and immediately.